About Us

We are Effective Support and are here to provide just that for you and your business. Effective Support employs only the most talented and experienced IT professionals across the United States of America. Our technicians are driven to finding and resolving your computer related issues and are always courteous, friendly, and polite. All we ask in return is that you treat us the same way.

You might be wondering why we don’t have a big 800 number splashed across our website. We do that for one reason, so that we can provide you the best support possible. How is that you ask? It’s simple really. By scheduling your support appointments through our website portal, our experienced technicians are able to review your situation well ahead of time and are then able to provide the best support possible. This eliminates you having to call and wait on hold to speak with someone from some offshore call center. It eliminates you having to explain your situation to that level 1 technician who doesn’t know how to provide the support you need. That technician would then probably have to transfer you to a level 2 technician that would ask you all the same questions. Haven’t you had enough of those call centers?

Our goal is to provide a hassle free Effective Support by putting one of our experienced US-based level 2 technicians in direct contact with you on your schedule. All of our technicians have at least 10 years experience in the IT industry. You won’t find any level 1 technicians here at Effective Support. So signup today for a support subscription, support incident, or a support consultation and see how Effective Support can be.